Lets Open up Science NOW!- letter from 26 nobel laureates to the US Congress

The letter  dated July 13 2007 , signed by 26 nobel laurates starts thus.
As scientists and Nobel laureates, we are writing to express our strong
support for the House and Senate Appropriations Committees’ recent
directives to the NIH to enact a mandatory policy that allows public
access to published reports of work supported by the agency. We believe
that the time is now for Congress to enact this enlightened policy to
ensure that the results of research conducted by NIH can be more
readily accessed, shared and built upon ­ to maximize the return on our
collective investment in science and to further the public good"

Read the entire letter here. But here are the key points
The signatories object to barriers that "hinder , delay or block the spead of knowledge supported by federal tax dollars"

A large amount of research continues to be inaccessible

The Voluntary policy
( requiring a submission to PubMed Central) has not worked. Its time to make it mandatory!

Several counties already do this and despite making this mandatory science has not suffered.

And finally

"Journals will continue to be the hallmark of achievement in scientific research, and we will depend on them."

Saw this first on Savas Parasatidis’s blog .

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