Exciting times on the science web : Timo Hannay on Nascent

I was very excited to read Timo Hannays post on the Nature Nascent blog where he reproduced an excerpt from his post for STM news on “how Oreilly and the alpha-geek crowd have influenced Nature Magazine”. Titled , web opportunity , the post talks about the great opportunities that lie in the web for all of science and science publishing.

In the very interesting post Timo talks about the democratization of audio and video and Natures experiments with the Nature podcast. The Nature podcast apparently started off as just an experiment and then grew to almost 30,000 downloads at the end of its first year.
The article talks about scientists who listen to the podcast when they are on the microscope and commuting in or exercising. In my own case, I find that thanks to the nature podcast I am now even more inclined to pick up my print copy, to follow up on something exciting I heard on the nature podcast.

Apart from the ability of audio and video to organize and nucleate communities, Timo also talks about Databases as being the conduits that enable collaborations and the role that publishers have in building communities . Towards this Natures several Gateways , are database driven community resources that aggregate content from both the community and NPG journals in several areas.

The article makes good reading and I will not paraphrase it any further

If I were to rank the web offerings from Nature in terms of their value to my current scientific life..my ranking would go thus
1) The Nature podcast
2) Connotea
3) The Nature Omics gateway

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