– Screencasting for the Life Sciences

For the last many months five of us have been toiling away at building a tool for the life sciences. I am very excited to announce , our attempt at building a community for the Life Science sciences.

As biology gets more and more complex. We all found that we were forced to wear many hats. The march of genomics into every area of life science, forces us to learn new skills everyday.  There is no denying , how every life scientist has to become very well versed with computational data analysis. The lines between the former day computational biologists , bio-informaticians , statisticians, crystallographers, theoreticians and bench life scientists are blurring everyday. is our attempt at building a community that can share its knowledge through the powerful medium of screencasting.

This is just a beta and needless to say we need you to give us all the feedback you can.  So Dive in , check out our blog and let us know what you think.

References: Blog

Another post from one of us (Deepak Singh)

And last but not the least The website .


2 responses to “ – Screencasting for the Life Sciences

  1. Thanks Jason,
    We cant wait for our first upload..hope you like the site

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