Error Bars and experimental Biology – and the bbgm podcast

I will try to keep this post real short.

The Journal of Cell Biology carries a very useful article on error bars in experimental biology. Sadly the article is only available with a subscription, but Here is a link to the abstract on pubmed and the full text is available free at this link. The article talks about error bars in different context and how they should be used. Targeted at the non-statistics geek the article is easy to follow and quite useful.

My good friend Deepak who got me into blogging , recently started podcasting. Like his excellent blog the bbgm podcast is mostly about technology and computing and other things biotech . Deepak is extremely well plugged-in to the web 2.0 world and his podcast is fun medley of the things that catch his attention and the biotech-Bio IT business world . Recently he interviewed me on the fifth edition of his podcast. It was a lot of fun and I did get to talk a little about screencasting which is what we have been spending a fair amount of time on. He also got me hooked onto the TED talks, I would recommend these very enthusiastically. I was fascinated by a TED talk about photosynth and seadragon by Blaise Aguera Y arcas from Microsoft. I am very excited at the “how” , of this technology since it shares many similarities with single particle image processing and electron cryomicroscopy.

Check out the bbgm podcast here.


One response to “Error Bars and experimental Biology – and the bbgm podcast

  1. Hi,

    You don’t need a subscription to access the “error bars in experimental biology” feature:

    All the front matter content of the JCB is freely accessible.

    Emma Hill

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