University-knowledge beyond authority

Knowledge Beyond Authority at Harvard Law SchoolI have recently started attending the Berkman Centre Thursday Blog group meetings. The meetings which are open to the general public were started many years ago by Dave Winer and colleagues and are loosely structured to discuss topics related to blogging, the social web and also recently ( since I have been attending) entrepreneurial activity in the web 2.0 space from local startups .

At the meeting I heard from Mike Walsh of a conference to be organized by the center titled , University- knowledge beyond authority.
The conference aims to “generate questions, insight and solutions from diverse perspectives across the landscape of University, with a focus on the role of University as an institution.We seek to establish University as a collective force much like ‘Government’ or ‘Private Enterprise’ in its ability to negotiate and compromise for our needs in the digital environment.”

The conference has several sessions dealing with topics ranging from fair use , open-access to discussing the relationships between “University” and library and the RIAA.

The concept of University it seems is to organize thought and opinion on these topics from an educational perspective. Since I know very little about the complex world of licensing , and the DMCA is almost a four letter word to me, it will be fun to listen to how this concept of University evolves at University.

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  1. and i don’t know, how to make it bette. Andreina Cecilio.

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