Raindance and Genomics 2.0

An interesting article in BioIT world
talks about Jonathan Rothbergs ( the founder of 454 Life Sciences) keynote address to
the Bio 2007 conference in Boston , where he talked about his future
venture, called  Raindance technologies
a “nanoreactor” company that seems to use a combination of
microfluidics and “454 style” oil emulsion and quantum dot based optical analysis to create a
highthroughput assay platform.
The impressive set of videos at the raindance site explain the various steps of the assay platform. The adoption of quantum-dot based detection systems incorporated into their nano-reaction vessels makes it possible to conduct a wide variety of assays at an amazing throughput of several thousand reactions per second.
The article talks of the possibility for
moores law like advancements in such platforms bringing the genomics world closer and closer
to the IT world and are all part of a revolution, Rothberg dubs as
“genomics 2.0”.

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