Compiling search strategies in the biosciences

 This morning I spent nearly two hours trolling through the various biological databases trying to find some information but in the end my searches drew a blank. I grew dejected at having wasted all that time only to find nothing.

I then read Jon Udells blog post “Hunting the elusive search strategy” .  In this post , he talks about how some of us are  good searchers vs other people who are not.  He also says

“Effective search depends on reservoirs of tacit knowledge and unconscious skill. Some people possess much deeper reservoirs, and/or can tap into them more effectively, than others. That makes them valuable.”

Some have the ability to compile and relate matches and near matches on the fly  during a search to interactively synthesize a search strategy. Assuming this ability is learned and not innate, the post says it will be very useful to compile effective strategies to understand what is it that makes a good search strategy.

Jon Udell started a tag called searchstrategy on to compile his list.   I too started one on called ncbi-serach-strategy to hopefully compile my own list that will be more bioscience specific. Maybe by such tag aggregation , we can all start to learn at what is it that makes a good search strategy.

I would definitely recommend reading Jon Udell’s post and the comments therein , and also hope this practice of compiling search strategies catches on  as we all learn to handle the gigabytes of omics information.

refs : Google Hacks

 Search , in this Omics age

See “Search in this Omics age”


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