The coming deluge: Google buys jotspot

Just caught this on the Google blog . Google buys jotspot. I have previously talked about the wonders of jotspot and the ability to virtualize , collaborate and share using the service and other Wikis like backpackit. With Google acquiring jotspot , I am sure we are very close to seeing a fully integrated experience with shared documents, spreadsheets and enterprise wiki features from the google-jotspot team.

Maybe I might just move my “self ELN” away from backpackit to the new Jotspot. For now Jotspot has disabled further registrations and sent its users an email explaining that

“Google shares JotSpot‘s vision for helping people collaborate, share and work together online. JotSpot‘s team and technology are a strong fit with existing Google products like Google Docs & Spreadsheets and Google Groups.”
All of this signal Googles move into the ongoing wave of enterprise wiki service applications.

refs: Moving ELNs offsite

Update: Clearly the acquisition of Jotspot by google has everyone very excited . Check out the responses here 


4 responses to “The coming deluge: Google buys jotspot

  1. This is a huge one. I have just finished reading up all the articles on this and I can think of about a 100 ways that JotSpot and the whole Google services family can be useful. I am surprised no one has mentioned that 37Signals should be worried. GigaOM (I think) talked about JotSpot re-emerging as a project management app.

    I have already signed up for any updates.

  2. Cool – I will be very interested to see how your notebook adapts to this format. When I was looking for wikis to use I rejected JotSpot because there was some limitation (I think on number of users or pages) on free accounts, that Wikispaces did not have. Under Google maybe that is gone now. Google also owns Wikispaces so it will interesting to see how everything is integrated.

  3. I had started using google spreadsheets a bit to store just about everything like prep yield data and radioactivity usage as well as gel image filename and location data.
    This was all as a precursor to getting all of that data into a private database with a web frontend ( my very dormant mysql-ruby project)..

    I hope Google and jotspot along with wikispaces will integrate all of that..

    So when I can have hyperlinks to spreadsheets combined with on-the-fly graphs and metrics a la google analytics..That will be the day I hope my self ELN will be wonderfully interconnected.

    I cannot wait

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