A blog ressurected- screencasting a great thing

After my previous post, I had a slew of computer troubles that left me out in the cold. My experience has thought me more than anything else to “virtualize” to the maximum extent possible . So I have moved towards keeping almost all my data off-site  on Backpackit  and various google services. In the future following a computer hardware failure I should be up and running the moment I have access to a browser running firefox.
Getting back on track: My newest fixation along the lines of my post on Empressr is with screencasting. I stumbled on Empressr as I was looking for ways to present my data online and durig this search came across screencasting via movies explaining the use of the website Backpackit.

John Udell from Info world, who also coined the term, has an excellent list of screencasts  which illustrate the power of the medium. You can also check out his del.icio.us tag and the very good howto he has put together on making such screencasts using windows software .

Screencasting,  I do believe will truly change the communication landscape and narrow the gap between “geek” and everyday users of computers software. Having seen the few movies explain the functionality of web sites like Backpackit and programming environments like Ruby, I wish that every question I had about how to achieve some functionality using software was answered using a screencast.

I am putting together my own collection of howtos that deal with using the NCBI site ( phew ! finally a connection to the Omics in the blog title)using the screencasting medium.

For now I am sold on the utility and promise of screencasting.


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