Web seminars – Science magazine . Flash goodness

For anyone interested in a great way to know about a paper and understand it ” in the words of the author” please check out the Web seminars at the science magazine site.

These are all very well done and almost a better medium than podcasts and plain audio or even full video to explain science results. They are as good an experience as sitting in a seminar room listening to the author talk with the advantage that you control the presentation and can loop back and rewind etc.

Created on the macromedia flash platform . It will be great to have one of these linked to every paper in every journal considering that flash is getting to be a great standard to base multimedia applications on.

Along these lines I came across an impressively intuitive AJAX based on-line presentation suite. Its called empressr and with a simple login you can create rich content presentations. I did a quick five slide quick presentation and the user interface was very easy to figure out.

It will be real interesting to see tools such as these used for putting more and more scientific presentations on-line in this day and age of shrinking print papers and expanding on-line supplementary materials.


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