Monthly Archives: August 2006

I wonder what went on at Foo Camp

I just heard about Foo camp ’06 which was organized by Nature Magazine and Oreilly publishing. Previous posts on the Nascent blog made the camp sound very promising.

I am curious to find out more details and I am sure only good can come from a conference which has all the google bigwigs in attendance along with the teams from Nature Magazine and Oreilly. The conference which aimed to “encourage cross-fertilization of ideas– and to have fun” I am sure was at least a lot of the latter. It also wonder who according to Nature, Oreilly and google  are considered “a fascinating crowd of world-class biologists, chemists, physicists,
earth scientists, clinicians, historians, technologists, and writers.”

All said and done , It was nice to read from the blog posts that the conference was a good mix of fundamental science and information technology. One sure would hope that these conferences were a lttle more “open” and were widely covered by webcasts and other such media…but I guess what I mean to say is I hope I get invited the next time one of these happens.