Nature network Boston

Only recently did I start reading the nascent blog at A blog on web 2.0 technologies and science and science publishing. ANd then on June 8th Nature launched its Nature network Boston a " regional web site for the local scientific community". Its been only a few days still its launch ..and as a self professed web 2.0 geek I cannot wait for Nature to show us how web 2.0 technologies can help us network better in this city .

I have only started playing around with the site . The site is a very nice mish-mash of networking, blogging, discussions, groups events and all sorts of group driven things.

Since the site is so new..the first few days has seen very little activity but it will be nice to see how the site comes along. I have only started playing around with the site and found myself being the first to do a lot of things..It was very easy for me to start an "X-ray crystallography geek group" or join a "semantic web" interest group . Suffice to say the site makes it very easy to start interest groups and the idea as I see it is others join these groups and go on from there..

I did try to edit my profile and found a few of the edit options a bit buggy and not "editable" , but I am sure this a "beta" issue.

As with all things "community" , a lot depends on its constituents. Having Nature magazine host this effort will hopefully give it the legitimacy it needs among scientists to join the "social networking" bandwagon.


One response to “Nature network Boston

  1. Things have moved on since on the Nature Network site and they have since been joined by other sites such as in providing career networking services for scientists, good times indeed!

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