What this blog hopes to be about

This blog is about technology. Specifically this blog is about the various genomic-era technologies that are seriously impacting the way everyday science is practiced. By everyday science , I mean life-science research which has as its ultimate goal the reduction of human suffering by understanding human disease. These technologies all of which resulted after the sequencing of the human genome, have their serious merits and many demerits. They are by definition inter-disciplinary, very informatics and instrumentation intensive and multi-team or consortia based owing to their complexity. Understanding this complexity is hoped to simplify the process of managing disease and finding cures. This crazy world of genomics era technologies is so intricate that most of us involved in life-science research are only now starting to grapple with the immense opportunity that these technologies open up for us. This blog hopes to specifically address the trials and tribulations of mastering this complexity. And the reason this blog is overall about technology is because technology is the only way to understand and manage this complexity.


One response to “What this blog hopes to be about

  1. Glad to see you finally start blogging, and on a subject that we all love and enjoy.

    I hope you can bring the structural biologist/biochemists perspective to the topic. That’s one that very few blogs present.

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